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Outcomes of the AGUASAN Workshop 26 (2010) 21.12.2010

From “Haute Cuisine” to “Good Fast Food” - Taking Advantage of the Momentum for Large Scaling Up in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector

On 21 - 25 June 2010, the 26th AGUASAN Workshop took place in Gwatt (Switzerland). The presentations, discussions, learnings, and results are summarised in a workshop report.

Based on inputs from five resource persons, four case study presenters and own experiences, the 43 participants of the AGUASAN Workshop 2010 discussed the potential of “Large Scaling Up” as approach to speed up efforts to increase coverage in water supply and sanitation. The key question addressed throughout the week was how to effectively influence large sector investments so that they contribute to the scaling up of successful piloted service delivery models and established good practices.

In a participatory process six key elements to be crucial for successful planning and implementation of large scaling up initiatives for water supply and environmental sanitation services delivery have been determined and elaborated more in detail: 1) Coordination and partnership; 2)  Long term sector strategy; 3) Good governance and enabling environment; 4) Sustainable service delivery models; 5) Implementation capacity; an 6) Marketing and communication strategy. For a successful large scaling up it is recommend to implement all six key elements comprehensively. As common understanding there is one pivot requirement: in the process of large scaling up the government has to be in the driver’s seat.

The results of that think tank event are available as online/downloadable PPT presentation with linked background documents at, describing in a practical way the crucial elements for successful planning and implementation of large scaling up endeavours.

The reports of all AGUASAN workshops are available for download in the publications section of the Skat website.