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In this section Skat announces regularly news about the organisation, projects and initiatives.


Disaster Risk Reduction in WASH 19.10.2015

"Towards Resilience and Adaptive Management in the Water Sector"

Outcomes of the 31st AGUASAN Workshop (2015) published now.

hydropower in existing water infrastructure 04.06.2015

What would you think if water infrastructure was designed to waste energy? Strangely, this is common practice, particularly in hilly and mountainous areas where water is stored or captured at high elevation.
Skat provides consulting services to make use of this energy potential.

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Skat News - December 2014 22.12.2014

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Skat News - December 2014

Water Challenges Beyond WASH - bridging the water, food and energy sector divides 10.12.2014

"Towards concerted approaches that address trade-offs and build synergies across sectors and their actors"

Outcomes of the 30th AGUASAN Workshop (2014) published now.

The Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) 22.09.2014

The Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) was presented at the UNESCO “Tech4Dev” International Conference in June 2014.

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New Card Game: Faecal Sludge Trucks 06.06.2014

A card game with sludge trucks from around the world

The management of faecal sludge from onsite sanitation systems in low and middle-income countries is a dirty and thankless business. Especially the emptying of latrines and septic tanks deserves respect and recognition.

In order to cast a positive light on the emptying business and to inform in a professional way but with a twinge of humour, Skat Foundation has produced a Top Trumps card game with 32 fascinating sludge trucks from around the world. The game comes with an information card on on-site sanitation.

The card game can be used as a give-away for conferences, meetings with decision makers and practitioners in the field, or simply to spend quality time with your kids.


World Water Day 2014 - Call for a Post-2015 Global Goal for Water 20.03.2014

Joint declaration of the Swiss Water Partnership and SDC on World Water Day 2014 (June 22nd) to manage water sustainably.

The sustainable management of our precious water resources is a major challenge for the 21st century. The Global Risk Report 2014 from the World Economic Forum ranks water as the third largest risk for a global crisis. Water is central for energy, food security and public health. Water insecurity can cause social and political instability at large scale and has thus significant impact on global security and peace. Therefore Switzerland, the Swiss Water Partnership and its members including Skat engage themselves for a dedicated water goal in the post-2015 development agenda.

Meeting the Challenge of WASH in Health Facilities 08.11.2013

Outcomes of the 29th AGUASAN Workshop (2013) published now.

Health facilities face very specific WASH-related challenges (e.g. accumulation of people with contagious diseases, disabled users of sanitation facilities) but also bear a very powerful potential in its function as a role model for the dissemination of hygiene practices within the community. The workshop identified several important fields of action such as a comprehensive assessment of the current situation prior to any intervention or the selection of context-specific infrastructure. The development of a holistic management plan (financial, technical, environmental, institutional, social), be it for the health facility itself or on governmental level and the involvement of trained and motivated people needs to be part of every project related to WASH in health facilities.

The results of the workshop are available at

WASHTech video online 31.10.2013

View WASHTech video "Supporting The Vision Of Sustainable WASH Services" on:

Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) now available 27.09.2013