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Skat offers professional services to organisations working in development and emergencies. Clients include NGOs, resource centres and knowledge networks, and bilateral/multilateral development agencies.

Policy & strategy development

Skat assists governments, donors and non-governmental organisations to develop strategies and policies.

Assessment, monitoring and evaluation

Skat undertakes assessment, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes for governments, multi-lateral and bi-lateral development agencies.

Knoweldge sharing, capacity building and training

Skat undertakes capacity building and training. These range from international conferences, workshops and courses for decision-makers, senior managers and policy-makers to hands-on support to communities and technical operatives.

Backstopping and technical advice

Skat provides long-term technical, management, conceptual and strategic support to governments, donors and NGOs. In some cases partnerships have continued for 10 years or more.

Project planning, management and implementation

Skat works with local partners in the design and implementation of projects. Within Skat there is wide experience of project management in development and emergency contexts.

Transfer of technologies and approaches

Skat has developed innovative technologies and approaches that have been successfully applied in the sectors of water, sanitation, and construction. Skat has established systems for knowledge management, which enhance the sharing of ideas and experiences between partners from all continents.