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Skat is committed to the documentation and sharing of its experiences. With this aim, Skat is supporting the Skat Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organisation promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience between partners in the developed and developing world.

The Skat Foundation is a spin-off of Skat. As a socially responsible organisation Skat is convinced that all acquired knowledge since its establishment in 1978 shall be accessible to all. At the same time Skat would like to contribute through the Skat Foundation to the sharing of knowlege and learning in development cooperation.


The Skat Foundation is a non-profit organisation which promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience in development cooperation.


The Skat Foundation produces and distributes publications and provides other resources for development cooperation, hosts international networks for knowledge sharing. The Foundation regularly launches and carries out innovative projects.


Are you interested in the activities of the Skat Foundation or in funding one of the projects of the Skat Foundation? Please contact us!



Skat Foundation
Vadianstrasse 42
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Phone +41 71 228 54 54
Fax     +41 71 228 54 55


Skat Foundation Flyer

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Skat Foundation Annual Report 2012

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Skat Foundation Annual Report 2011

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Skat Foundation Annual Report 2010

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Skat Foundation Annual Report 2009

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Skat Foundation Annual Report 2008

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