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Access to a wide spectrum of skills allows Skat to provide a holistic, integrated service. Skat has proven expertise in the following disciplines.

Water supply & environmental sanitation

Skat combines technical expertise with an understanding of the economic, social, environmental and institutional context within which people use water, sanitation and solid waste management systems.

Energy and Climate

Skat seeks to interlink climate protection, renewable energies, community empowerment and poverty reduction through holistic approaches, which facilitate equal access to environmentally sound energy technologies to foster productive and income generating activities.

Building & settlements

Skat works in the sectors of housing, social infrastructure (schools, health facilities etc.) and settlement development in rural, urban, and peri-urban zones. Skat's expertise includes participatory and results-oriented methodologies for strategic and sustainable outcomes.

Mobility & transport

Skat is experienced in the construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, and tracks, and in the development of transport master plans. Environmental considerations are prioritised and, wherever possible, labour intensive construction is utilised as a way to boost local employment.


Skat provides technical, managerial and administrative support to community groups, non-governmental organisations, resource centres and local government institutions. Skat facilitates advocacy and policy dialogue between partners.

Economic Development

Skat has expertise in a wide-range of income-generation approaches, including labour-intensive construction. Skat is experienced in assessment and analysis, and in the planning and management of interventions aimed at the improvement of livelihoods.

Environmental Management

Environmental degradation is a subject of increasingly passionate debate as the influence of human activity makes ever-increasing demands on finite resources and fragile ecosystems throughout the world. The problems facing current and future generations pose a formidable challenge. The need for accurate, objective and relevant information to animate this debate has never been greater.

Knowledge Management

Skat designs systems for the collection, analysis, storage and dissemination of information, and helps organisations and networks to make better use of their knowledge.