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UNHCR Results Framework

Taking stock of UNHCR’s main monitoring system, this consultancy aimed at identifying alternative approaches to the design of a user-friendly and simplified results framework for UNHCR operations.

The review entailed (1) a screening of the current results hierarchy, finding the right logical linkages between objectives, impact, outputs and performance, and (2) a validation and sharpening of indicators, including quantitative and qualitative measurement. Analysis of findings, formulation of recommendations on data structure, indicators and data management methodologies was also part of the mandate.

The main activities were:

  • To prepare, facilitate and moderate a “scoping workshop” (1/2 day to 1 day) at UNHCR’s HQ, in order to define the frame and scale of improvements of the RF and thus the scope of work of the external consultant(s);
  • To review and analyse all relevant documents, lists of indicators, reports, minutes (UNHCR will provide a list of the relevant documents);
  • To analyse findings and formulate of recommendations on data structure, indicators and data management methodologies, for presentation to UNHCR’s HQ