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Production of a management guide for formal networks

On behalf of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Skat has taken the lead for writing the book “Work the Net”, a hands-on guide for practitioners giving advice for setting up, managing and facilitating formal and controllable networks in an efficient and effective way. The guide focuses on operational issues of networks and explains the most important aspects making networks work.

The guide 'Work the Net' is one of the results of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) project 'Networking, Information and Knowledge Management by Regional Organizations' (NeRO), which provided an exchange platform for information and knowledge management approaches and instruments between regional development organizations focusing on the management of natural resources in the Asian context.

The guide was compiled in close collaboration with representatives of the NeRO project and is based on three studies conducted during the NeRO project:

The guide addresses networking practitioners, as well as other professionals wishing to set up a network, but also established networkers will find some useful tips. In concise A5 format the guide describes on 140 pages how formal networks can be set up, managed and used in an efficient and effective way. The process-oriented approach is explained with a flow chart, and checklists summarise the crucial steps. A resource section provides relevant publications and websites.

Up to two hardcopies of the guide are available for free. For more copies, the mailing expenses and an administration fee will be charged. For orders please send an email to


March 2005 - 2006
Funded by:

German Technological Cooperation (GTZ)


ASEAN Secretariat / ReFOP


Work the Net - A Management Guide for Formal Networks

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