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VSBK Programme in Nepal

Skat together with Development Alternatives has introduced the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Technology (VSBK) in Nepal.

VSBK technology is used to produce high qualitative bricks in a more efficient and environmental-friendly manner. The project aims at reducing stack emissions, enhancing energy efficiency and achieving change in the living and working conditions of the kiln workers. Two pilot kilns are already accomplished, in particular through the active initiative of private entrepreneurs. The energy efficiency of the new kilns meets international energy consumption benchmarks, requiring 0.70 MJ/kg of burnt bricks. This is 40% less than traditional kilns in the Kathmandu Valley consume in energy. The stack emission of polluting fine dust (PM10) could be reduced by a factor of eight when compared with conventional technologies. In addition, an integrated social action programme has achieved better working conditions, access to schools and health facilities including childcare centres for kiln staff. Skat has currently started a follow-up programme phase, where VSBK will be further mainstreamed and commercialised in Nepal.


Energy efficient housing in Kathmandu, Nepal

As part of the SDC programme on energy efficient brick production (VSBK), Skat supports the housing sector in Nepal with environmentally friendly constructions.