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AGUASAN Workshop 30 (2014)

Water Challenges Beyond WASH - Bridging the Water, Food and Energy Sector Divides

"Towards concerted approaches that address trade-offs and build synergies across sectors and their actors"

A workshop for water sector specialists and development practitioners in water-related fields.

Water is at the core of sustainable development, yet our freshwater resources are overexploited, wasted and polluted to a degree never experienced before in the history of humanity. The magnitude of this global water crisis can be significantly reduced when massive efforts are consented into increasing water productivity in all sectors, balancing supply and demand while respecting ecosystem requirements and addressing pressing issues of pollution control and resilience. Many IWRM endeavours have been focused so far on large-scale issues, such as river basin or transboundary water management: yet, pressing water resources management issues occur and have to be addressed also at the local and watershed levels.

Against this backdrop, this year’s AGUASAN Workshop proposes to expand its seasoned WASH horizon and address the water-energy-food-environment interlinkages and their untapped potentials. Based on thematic key inputs, a set of topic-specific cases and the broad expertise gathered by the participants, this 5-days knowledge exchange and generation event aims at fostering cross-sector approaches and action towards more concerted and multiple uses of water for increased benefits and resilience in watersheds. By doing so, it shall break silos of conventional decision-making and practices and give way to approaches that address trade-offs and build synergies across sectors and their actors. The participants will leave the workshop with practical recommendations and an approach for operationalizing those interlinkages and with a strengthened professional network across the different sector communities.

For further information and application (deadline 07.03.2014) see

16.06.2014 - 20.06.2014 Location:
Tagungszentrum Boldern, Switzerland
Mr Roger Schmid +41 71 228 54 54