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About Skat

Skat is an independent resource centre and consulting company. It is committed to sustainable development in developing countries and countries in transition.


Skat has provided high quality services since 1978. Learn more about our working principles, our geographical experience, and the history of the organisation.


Skat is an independent Swiss organisation with a lean management structure.


Skat consists of an interdisciplinary team of 17 engineers, architects, planners, and economists, with an average of more than 15 years of international experience in development cooperation. Three support staff assist the team.


Skat works within a large network of associated consultants and partners in the North and the South.


A wide range of clients, including NGOs, resource centres, and bilateral/multilateral development agencies, make use of the professional services of Skat.

30th Anniversary of Skat !

30 years ago, 1978, SKAT, the Swiss Centre for Appropriate Technology, was founded as a documentation centre at the Institute for Latin America Research and Development Cooperation, University of St.Gallen.



Skat Flyer

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Skat Annual Report 2015

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Skat Annual Report 2014

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Skat Annual Report 2013

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Skat Annual Report 2012

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Skat Annual Report 2011

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Skat Annual Report 2010

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Skat Annual Report 2009

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